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The forefathers of Sayyid Muhammad Ali Shihab Thangal were migrated from Yemen to Valapattanam in present-day Kannur district of Kerala. Ali Shihabuddeen Ba Alawi is the first known migrant of this family, who landed at Valapattanam seaport in 1212 AH. The local people welcomed him warmly and open-heartedly. He is 33rd grandson of the Prophet Muhammad. His grave situates in the graveyard of Kakkulangara Masjid in Valapattanam. His son Husain Shihabuddeen Mullakkoya Thangal married Khadeeja from the Arakkal royal family of Kannur. He migrated from Valapattanam to Calicut and lived at the ‘Kammathi House’ which later known as Qazi House in Calicut. He had a lot of disciples in different parts of Malabar, and he married a girl from the Kainod Village in Malappuram on the request of the local people. In this marriage the couples gave birth for a girl, who later married by three different Sayyids from Ponnani and Malappuram, each after one’s demise. He owned numerous properties in Panakkad and Kattungal, as the local people gifted him. His demise was in 7th Ramzan, 1235 AH, and was buried in the east side of Ilayante Masjid, constructed by himself. As Asgar Ali Baqavi writes, his grave was destructed by the Wahabis, when they dominated the Managing Committee of the Masjid. Mullakkoya Thangal had four sons namely Sayyid Muhdhar, Sayyid Ali, Sayyid Hamid, and Sayyid Muhammad; and three daughters namely Fathima, Alawiyya, and Fatheema.

Among them, the elder son Sayyid Muhdhar once came to Malappuram to visit his sister’s home, suddenly he fallen hill and breathed his last breath in 1258 AH. He married from the Koyamarakkarakath family at Calicut. His grave situates in the graveyard of Valiyangadi Masjid, at Malappuram. Sayyid Muhdhar’s son Sayyid Husain Shihabuddeen Ba Alawi, popularly known as Husain Attakkoya Thangal was a well-known anti-colonial struggler and a theologian. Sayyid Husain’s religious education was from Malappuram itself; and after the education he taught at the traditional educational centres namely Darses at Malappuram and Tirurangadi. He was a contemporary of Sayyid Fadhl, son of Sayyid Alawi of Mamburam, the celebrated charismatic leaders of the time and known anti-colonialists. Sayyid Fadhl and Sayyid Husain were close friends and relatives. Sayyid Fadhl was expelled to Arabia by the British government in 1852, accusing his leading-roles in the Mappila outrages. Sayyid Husain was arrested by the government in 1882, accusing his encouraging roles for the Muslim struggles in the Trikkalur Rebellion; and was sent to the Central Jail at Vellore. He also declared a fatwa against the British colonial government, encouraging the Muslims to fight against the colonial powers. He passed away from the Vellore, and was laid to rest in the graveyard of Main Bazaar Jamia’ Masjid, near famous religious institution in South India, Baqiyath al Salihath Arabic college. He had two wives; Ayisha, daughter of Qazi Odakkal Kunhahammad Musliyar, and a daughter of Sayyid Hamid. He had six children namely Sayyid Muhammad Shihabuddeen Koyanjikkoya, Sayyid Ali Pukkoya, Sayyid Muhdhar Kunji Seethikkoya, Sayyid Ahmad Imbichikkoya, Sayyid Abdullakkoya, and Sayyid Fadhl Cherunjikkoya.

Among them Sayyid Muhammad Shihabuddeen Ba Alawi, popularly known as Koyanjikkoya Thangal is the direct grandfather of Sayyid Muhammadali Shihab Thangal. Koyanjikkoya Thangal lived at Puthanpurakkal house, at Panakkad. His son and father of Sayyid Muhammadali Shihab, Sayyid Ahmad Shihabuddeen Ba Alawi, popularly known as PMSA Pukkoya Thangal, was a noted personality in the religious, political and social scenario of Kerala.
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